Restore the Charming Appeal of Your Panes With Adept Window Cleaners in London

When ladders and soapy squeegees can no longer defeat the army of smudges on your window façade, it's time to step up your cleaning game. With window cleaning London, hours of scrubbing will turn into minutes of rinsing as the water-fed pole and the team's keen eye work in unison to repel the smudgy invaders. And the experts will achieve that without going up a single step! Find us on 020 3746 2488 or online today and get this tiresome chore done in a heartbeat.

What Makes Us an All-Around Better Choice?

Our cleaning methods safeguard your privacy, don't involve toxic detergents, and won't leave a single dirt or scratch mark behind. Here's why – the window cleaners in London will use a 22-metre-long telescopic pole in place of ladders to refresh your property from the safety of the ground.

With our rope access window cleaning, even skyscrapers can receive a proper polish. Just give us the word and we'll send in a dexterous team of abseilers who, just like special agents, will rope down from your rooftop to diligently dispose of any stain they encounter.

If you need the specialists for interior window cleaning as well, they have you covered. However, they may need to use regular squeegees and ladders to reach particularly high corners. And if you're going on a holiday or are too busy to remain anywhere near your property, we can still do our job with a quick key pick-up and delivery service!

A Complete Range of Window Cleaning Services in London

There are a variety of reasons that companies and domestic clients use our services. Primary among those is the desire to project and maintain a positive image to the public. For commercial clients, it is essential that clients and passers-by view their establishment as trustworthy, competent, and well-managed. Following is a brief list of the window washing services we provide, and the reasons for them:

How Can We Be of Service?

If we had to describe our window cleaning company with one word, it would be “convenience”. But we'll let you be the judge of that:

  • Hire us on a regular basis to slash our final price (weekly: 45%; fortnightly: 40%; monthly: 35%; bi-monthly: 30%; quarterly: 25%; Every 6 Months: 15%);
  • Workday, weekend, and bank holiday appointments can be instantly arranged;
  • No matter if you're calling at dawn or dusk, our 24/7 staff will gladly walk you through the booking process;
  • Each and every PVC & UPVC frame and sill in your property will be refreshed free of charge!;
  • We offer fair and non-hourly based price rates that depend on the amount of windows you want cleaned;
  • Choose a payment method that is most convenient for you – we accept both cash & card payments;
  • Your panes will be polished by seasoned and police-checked specialists who require nothing but daylight to get their job done;
  • In addition to residential properties, our service also covers a variety of commercial buildings, such as restaurants, bars, offices, and cafés.

Let's Walk You Through the Cleaning Process

With our window cleaning services, you won't have to lift a finger – the professionals arrive with their own water and equipment to start work right away. As soon as the technicians park near your property, they will connect a special water-fed pole to a water tank, stored inside their van. The telescopic rod's length (22 metres) is more than enough to treat the panes of any four-storey building. The liquid inside the container is not your typical tap water, either – our water has been filtered from any impurities that could leave smears or streaks on your windows.

Pumped from the water storage under high pressure, it will travel through the hose and will leave the equipment via a special brush-head attachment at the pole's end. As the powerful water stream blasts off dust and grime build-ups, the team will gently move the brush-head from side to side to scrub away the few remaining blemishes. Once the cleaners are done, they will simply leave the deposit-free water to evaporate in the sun. This, in turn, will form a thin protective layer that will keep your panes untarnished for many weeks on end.

Getting in Touch Has Never Been Easier

You can now conveniently hire London window cleaners via:

  • A quick call on 020 3746 2488;
  • Our short and concise online booking form;
  • Our built-in website chat service.

When you contact our friendly staff, they will make sure to ask you a few questions. Those will include the height of your property, as well as the type and total amount of your windows. Your feedback will help us send you a price estimation that is not only free, but also as precise as possible!

Our service is designed to treat a wide variety of panes – small and big bay, skylight, sash, French doors, and even conservatory roofs will pose no problems whatsoever. Just be mindful of the fact that while the team can easily refresh any PVC window element, applying the same method for wooden frames and sills can lead to irreversible property damage.