Refresh Your Yard With Jet Washing London

Muddy driveways, patios, or wooden decking are never a good thing to have. Apart from ruining the aesthetics of your home, dirt can also rot the wood and damage the stone, leaving the door wide open for moss, algae, and weeds. And if this infestation gets out of hand, you'll be in for some expensive repairs. Keep nature at a respectful distance from your yard and opt for pressure washing London! The practiced cleaners have the skills and equipment needed to promptly show leaves, grime, weeds, and mud the way out.

The Perks You Receive for Choosing Us

With jet washing London, you're never in a hurry – you are free to choose a date and time that fits you best. Our booking slots can be used for any day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays. Here are some of the other benefits on offer:

  • Our responsive and outgoing team of advisers man the phones 24/7 and are always glad to answer your questions or send you free estimates;
  • Seasoned and certified cleaners who can treat almost anything – awnings, garden furniture, fence panels, patios, decking, and more;
  • The powerful jet washer can quickly deal with oil stains, leaves, branches, grime, and algae without inflicting any property damage;
  • Our service is not based on hours worked – the specialists will not leave your yard until every last pile of debris has disappeared.

What Does Our Pressure Service Washing Involve?

Each patio cleaning London session is made possible with an efficient jet washing machine, operated by a single technician. This equipment works with water under high pressure and can easily polish almost any kind of surface you own, including natural and lime stone, slabs, concrete, decking, and more. You can even refresh your home's walls, provided they don't exceed 2 metres in height! When performing wall cleaning, the expert will always inspect your windows first to ensure that they can withstand the powerful water pressure.

Before the pressure washer is deployed in your yard, you'll need to make sure of two things – that you can provide the expert with access to water and that you have a properly functioning drainage. The intuitive design of the jet washer makes it possible to attach it to any external tap in your property. In case you're short on those, don't worry – the technician is equipped with all UK nozzle standards to connect the machine to any internal tap inside your kitchen or bathroom. At the end of your session, we will ask you to take a look at the results yourself. If you notice anything you don't like, just let us know and we'll immediately resolve the issue!

Get In Touch Now for a Spotless Patio

With our flexible appointments, you can include your London pressure washing session in even the most intense business schedule. All you need to do is tap your phone, dial 020 3746 2488, and our friendly and hard-working representatives will help you out with the rest. Alternatively, you can use our website booking form or instant chat service and make a booking online! Just give us an approximate estimate of your yard's dimensions and we'll reply you back with an accurate price quote on the house!


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