Hire High-rise Window Cleaning That Knows No Bounds

No matter what kind of business you run, a clean window façade will always seem more appealing to your customers than a muddy, barely transparent glass surface. But the timely removal of dirty stains and streaks holds another advantage as well – you won't spend a fortune on fighting off mould or replacing every damaged pane in your building. And that's always good for business. Schedule rope access window cleaning today to gain a competitive edge! Hire an apt team of abseilers who will check and remove grime from every window corner of your multistorey premises and save you lots of headaches down the road.

We Can Assist You in Many Ways

Our abseiling window cleaning is as safe as it gets – you won't see the cleaners use any shaky scaffolding or aerial platforms that could potentially harm them or the people below. We also thoroughly inspect and test every piece of cleaning equipment to ensure that everything will go according to plan. But we're not done yet:

  • 24/7 phone lines: Regardless of when you decide to ask our support team for advice, they will happily lend you a hand;
  • Book anyday, anytime: The cleaning team can be hired 7 days a week and for bank holidays too;
  • Seasoned cleaners: The licensed and dexterous abseilers can improve the appeal of shops, cafés, high-rise office properties, and more;
  • Comprehensive reports: At your request, we can immediately send you detailed risk assessment and COSHH reports.

Our Cleaning Method Explained

Your high-rise window cleaning session will begin with a thorough evaluation of your property's size, height, and location. This information will help the cleaners determine whether they should rope down from your rooftop with sturdy and reliable ropes, or use cherry pickers and ladders instead. The abseilers will use soft window squeegees to thoroughly scrub all dirt and dust build-up from your panes without scratching them in the process.

Throughout the entire session, the climbers won't resort to a single detergent, because they will use a much better alternative – purified water. Stripped from all naturally occuring elements, the liquid will efficiently dissolve any remaining chemical and mud residue in an attempt to regain its original structure. As soon as water evaporates in the sun, it will leave a protective layer that will keep your glass dust- and mud-free for many a week.

Please note: To complete this service, the climbers will need full access to your building's rooftop!

Give Us a Ring Now to Remove Stains at Any Height

There's no need to constantly glance at your watch – our friendly customer support is open day and night! To book your rope access window cleaning in a shake of a lamb's tail, simply dial 020 3746 2488. Alternatively, fill in our convenient booking form or head over to our chat platform, make sure to include the number of storeys that your building has and we'll supply you with a free price quote as soon as possible.


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