Conservatory Window Cleaning in London for a Well-lit Greenhouse

You may be surprised to learn just how easy it is for algae, dirt, and grime to ruin even the most promising harvest. Because their presence on your greenhouse roof is more than just an eyesore – they also starve out your plants by absorbing all the sunlight. Save yourself a future disappointment and opt for our conservatory cleaning London. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons to get you started:

  • You can book our service for any day of the week, including on bank holidays;
  • Benefit from a certified and police-checked team who will do their job without disrupting your routine;
  • Need advise? Our 24/7 support will gladly assist you and provide you with a free quote;
  • The experts use a special water-fed pole system that won't damage the surface of your panes;
  • Our final price excludes minimum contracts, upfront deposits, or hidden fees of any kind.

A Bit About Our Cleaning Method

To ensure that our conservatory window cleaning London won't end up scratching your glass roof, the experts will deploy an innovative water-fed pole. And here's how the system works – this pole is attached to a water pump inside the team's vehicle. The liquid is ejected through the hose, up the pole and out of a special brush-head attachment. Because of the carbon fibre pole's considerable length (22 metres), the cleaners can easily polish your panes without ever setting foot on your rooftop. The absence of ladders, on the other hand, further reduces the risk of property damage.

Unlike tap water, our purified water formula is deprived from any residue-causing minerals. Once it starts dripping down your conservatory panes, this liquid will absorb all chemical residue or dirt streaks it comes across and will sterilize the whole surface. After the brush-head removes the last remaining stain, your glass roof will stay clean for several weeks on end and your plants will remain healthy and disease-free. Don't worry about soil pollution – our filtered water is all the specialists need to get the job done!

Please note: We need a free parking space next to your greenhouse as the cleaning equipment is permanently attached to our van.

Call Us Now to Keep Your Greenhouse in Top Shape

You can schedule your London conservatory cleaning in a heartbeat. All it takes is for you to dial 020 3746 2488 and have a short chat with our friendly customer support staff. Wish to book online instead? Then feel free to join our instant chat platform or fill in our short booking form. We will send you a non-obligation, free price estimate as soon as we reply you back!


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