Enjoy Your View With Domestic Window Cleaning London

When grime, mud, and limescale have turned your windows into mottled carpets, you know it's high time to call in the professionals. Hire residential window cleaning London and make your home feel like one! After ten years of fighting off unwelcome stains in numerous households within the capital, we still use the same simple cleaning method – a tank of purified water and a telescopic pole – to get the job done. But unlike the tap water and soap alternative, we won't invade your privacy with ladders or poison the air you breathe with detergents... and your panes will shine in the sun for much, much longer. Contact us today and benefit from a reliable service that has met the demands of over 50, 000 customers!

Our Service Offers Many Bonuses

We've always maintained a transparent company policy towards our customers. In other words, we won't pester you with contract obligations, upfront deposits, or hidden charges of any kind and your detailed estimate will reflect all your expenses down to the last penny. This way, when you opt for domestic window cleaning London, you know exactly what you're paying for. But who said that our benefits have to end here? Check our nifty bonuses below:

  • Full week availability: You can hire cleaners for any workday or weekend you wish, even on bank holidays;
  • Seasoned specialists: The cleaning team is punctual, fully vetted, and versed in treating sash and skylight windows, French doors, and more;
  • Round-the-clock advisers: No matter how far into the day you are, there's never an inconvenient time to get some answers and a free quote;
  • Free treatment of frames and sills: If your home features PVC or UPVC frames and sills, the experts will rinse them free of charge;
  • Risk-free cleaning method: With the lengthy water-fed pole, the specialists can polish your windows without risking property damage or injury.

Your Cleaners and How They Get Their Job Done

The experts will restore your window façade's transparency with the help of their trusty sidekicks – the water-fed pole and the purified water it runs on. This cleaning system is attached to a sizeable water pump inside the team's van and can easily stretch up to 22 metres in length (equivalent to the height of any four-storey building). Once the machine is turned on, the pump will propel the liquid up the hose until it's released from a special brush-head add-on at the pole's end. The team will use this attachment to scrub any visible limescale, dirt, and dust stains. The filtrated water, on the other hand, will absorb all remaining residue in an attempt to regain its natural minerals. After one last highly pressurised blast of water, the professionals will leave the liquid to evaporate on its own. This will create a superficial protective layer that will keep dust away from your panes for weeks on end.

Important notice: Please reserve a parking space in close proximity to your home (30 metres or less) as the equipment is permanently attached to the cleaning van.

Expel the Dirt From Your Windows Today!

It's never been easier to request a London residential window cleaning appointment. Here's how you can make that happen:

  • Find your phone and dial 020 3746 2488;
  • Fill in and submit our short booking form online;
  • Stop by and say “hi” on our real-time chat.

Choose your preferred method and a friendly representative will contact you as soon as possible with a couple of questions. All you need to tell us then is how many windows you have in your property and whether they are all easily accessible. In return, we will offer you a precise and free price estimation!


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